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Respect the Beach is an exciting educational program that includes lectures, handouts,video, and hands-on projects designed to coastal watershed processes, shoreline ecology and coastal areas stewardship to K-12 students and community groups. The Respect the Beach program is brought into classrooms by Surfrdier members, who represent ocean environmentalism from the surfer's perspective, and who are role models that students can relate to.

Beachology uses a variety of learning formats to explore many aspects or our sandy shores including sand processes, beach ecology and human impacts. Designed for younger grades K-6, Beachology provides students a fun way to gain interdisciplinary skills and knowledge that inspire curiosity and discovery of key scientific and environmental concepts related to beaches.

Watershed Works utilizes activities designed around simple models that simulate land and water features to explore the processes that create our watersheds and landforms an dhow they relate to modern environmental problems. Designed for older students grades 5-12, Watershed Works provides opportunities for scientific observation and thought that lead to an understanding of watersheds as dynamic systems that are integrally linked to the health or our oceans, waves and beaches.

The latest addition to Respect the Beach is the short film Sea To Summit: A Journey Through the Watershed. As part of the Watershed Works series, this video traces the entire hydrologic cycle, using a mix of computer genrated grahics and filmed footage to illustrate the process as water falls to earth in the form of precipitation, before filtering down through watersheds into urban and agricultural areas and finally flows out to sea, wher it is eventually evaporated into the atmosphere to star the entire process over again. In addition to appearances by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and top women's snowboarder Tara Dakides, the video features professional surfers Donavon Frankenreiter, Brad Gerlach and Jodie Nelson. The video is also narrated by renowned ESPN and X-Games commentator Sal Maskela.

Beachology (grades K-5)
  • BCH_Unit1 (PDF)
  • BCH_Unit2 (PDF)
  • BCH_Unit3 (PDF)
  • BCH_UserGuide (PDF)

  • Watershed Works (grades 6-12)
  • WW_Unit1 (PDF)
  • WW_Unit2 (PDF)
  • WW_Unit3 (PDF)

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